chairman's biography

SumailiMy name is Dominique Sumaili Kimbiza Ngoy, entrepreneur, investment consultant and expert in banking instruments.  Near the end of my studies, I had several promising and lucrative job offers to choose from as my expertise in financial instruments is unique and highly coveted throughout the industry.  So I struck out on my own with a desire use my leanings to build my own business.    Today, after much hard work and God’s help, I am there.

Owning my own firm has been a lifelong dream that has come true. It is therefore with great honor and pride that I set up DSK Investments in Dubai, UAE and D Investments in the DRC.    I have built a robust client-base and I get to use my knowledge and passion for helping clients achieve their goals everyday.    I am truly blessed.  

DSK Investments LLC was born out of perseverance and several strong professional partnerships; however, it was not without challenges that it became a reality.  That said, a strict adherence to proven financial practices and sound decision making, has allowed me to overcome those obstacles and find repeated success for my partners.  

One recurring problem which is common for many of my clients is fundraising and guarantees for their respective development projects.    I routinely assist my clients in creating alternative financing solutions which leveraging my international network and expertise in financial instruments.  I have found success in thinking outside the box and creating “new finance” opportunities.  

Much of my success has been in helping both government and private industry find financing solution for development projects across the continent.  Specifically, in the Democratic Republic of Congo with both SNEL (Société Nationale d’Electricité de la DR Congo) and the creation of a China-DR Congo consortium to develop Inga III (hydroelectric dam). additionally, I have assisted in the cultivation of a financial partnership between Korea and the DR Congo governments by convincing to invest in the construction of road infrastructure project spanning the the DR Congo. 

Over the years, I can count to my credit other partnerships supporting development projects in multiple African countries such as the Republic of South Africa, Uganda, Ethiopia, or the Republic of Congo.

The role of DSK investments LTD is to provide innovative solutions for alternative financing for development projects, thus ensuring that African guarantees are granted by donors at our disposal. Entrusting us with your project is an assurance of support from start to finish.

With DSK Investments, you are in good hands!