Our Services

Innovation is the heart of our strategy!

It is no secret that Africa has an abundance of natural resources.

The question is:
How will Africa position itself today in the world of finance? Innovation is the key. We will aim to maximize the profitability of assets at our disposal.

Our services: With D-Investments international in the DRC and DSK Investments LLC located in Dubai, you are in good hands. We will support you from start to finish through the process of designing and carrying out your projects.



Project design and study

D-Investments international based in Kinshasa (DRC) is responsible for finding large-scale projects and studying their feasibility.


DSK Investments LLC, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is responsible for finding financing solutions throughout the world. DSK Investments LLC is primarily focused on dealing with high-level partnerships with State Governments, however, that does not exclude the private sector.


Leveraging its expertise, DSK Investments is responsible for finding various types of banking instruments in the global market in order to secure returns on investments. These guarantees (instruments) can be monetized in order to create financing.  


In order to minimize risk-taking, we provide greater security to investors and enhance low-value guarantees, we find tailor-made insurance for you.